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Empower people to reach their potential

Properly use funding to help others

Recoginize those who are making a difference in the community

Listen to the concerns of others

Care for people through actions 

Stand up for freedom of speech and religion


Ali Manek - Scarborough-Centre

I am a successful entrepreneur and business owner, a passionate humanitarian, and driven to make a difference.

I come from a family of small business owners.  My parents proudly worked to build a future for me and my siblings. I grew up in their shops learning about hard work and integrity.

After briefly teaching high school history in TDSB & York Region, I obtained my M.B.A. and started a business called Karma Closet Thrift Stores.  We opened up 3 locations.

In 2014, I started Prime successfully launching Canada’s first online flooring retailer.

Before becoming a business owner, I started the charity Our Village where we went around the world helping after disasters. I travelled to 50+ countries including Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Iraq and helped build 5 orphanages, 13 schools and many water wells.

We need young and passionate people, who can bring together our entire community, to be our voice. 


Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • Proud husband and father of two girls aged 5 and 7
  • B.A., B.Ed. and M.B.A. Graduate from U of Western, U of Hong Kong, U of Toronto, and U of Wales
  • Published a book on Facebook Marketing
  • Going to be very focused on developing policies that benefit Businesses and the Non-Profit Sectors like my two creations: Prime Flooring and Our Village.
Ali Manek



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